Railway Panel Diagram with Switches Buttons

Railway Panel Diagram with Switches / Buttons

Basic Concepts of Railway Signalling

Railway Panel Diagram with Switches / Buttons

Conditions to be satisfied before a signal is cleared:
* The concerned buttons or knob has been operated by pressing or turning.
* The points required on the route, the overlap and isolation are set and locked correctly and the route is locked.
* The track is clear on the Route and the Overlap.

* No conflicting movement is taking place or initiated already.
* Any level crossing gate interlocked with the signals of the Station is closed against the route traffic and locked.
* The crank handles controlling the points on the route, overlap, and isolation are manually locked in the proper place and not available for taking to the site of the points.

* Any siding connected to the track on which the movement will take place is set to the correct position to facilitate the signal movement and locked.
* If it is the last stop signal, line clear is already obtained from next station.

Power Supply Requirements :

* Battery for operating the relays in the relay room.
* 24 V DC for Q-series relays.
* 60 V DC for K-50 relays of Siemens.
* Battery for extending feed to the outdoor relays.

* 24 V battery for panel indications.
* 110 V battery for operating the points.
* 110 V AC (stabilized) for colour light / LED signals.
* 110 V AC for feeding battery charger to track feed batteries for track circuits.
* Transformers for stepping down 230 V AC to 110 V DC.

* Battery chargers (230 V AC) for various battery banks.
* 11. 110 V Battery with IPS (Integrated Power Supply)

Railway Panel Diagram with Switches Buttons

Types Of  Signalling Cables Used

Outdoor Cables : Multi-core copper conductor with PVC insulation, PVC sheath and
steel armouring.
Size of conductor: 1.5 or 1.6 sq. mm.
No. of Cores: 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, 20 and 30.

Indoor Cables : For the internal wiring of relay in locations and cabin.
The cable is with plain annealed copper conductor PVC insulated, unarmoured flame retarding type.
Flexible multi-strand wire size 3 / 0.75 mm.
Flexible insulated wire size 16 / 0.20 mm.
Multi core each core of size 1 mm.
Multi-core each core of size 0.6 mm.
Multi-core is either 40 or 60 cores
Single-core size – 1 mm.

Outdoor Equipment
* Point Machines
* Colour Light or LED Signals.
* Relays, batteries, chargers, and transformers located in location boxes.
* Track circuits.
* Axle Counter ground devices (the evaluator taking inputs from ground devices is located generally in the relay room or in a separate room in the building housing the relays. The ground devices are connected to the evaluator through a quad copper cable with polythene insulation.)

Stages in Installation and Commissioning of Relay Interlocking System at a Station

* Preparation of the permanent way plan by the Civil Engineering Department showing the position of the track, point, station building, a distance of the adjacent station, kilometres of the station etc.
* P-Way plan is examined by the signal department for the suitability of the signalling and then approved.
* Preparation of signalling plan showing the location of signals, the numbering of points and signals, location of the panel room and relay room, interlocked gates within the station section etc.

* Preparation of selection/control table showing the conditions to be fulfilled for each signal movement with the associated interlocking needed, track circuits to be proved, etc.
* Design of the circuits based on the selection / control table.
* Preparation of wiring diagram based on the circuit diagram approved, contact analysis of relays and marking contact numbers, repeater relays etc.

* Installation of relay racks and wiring of the racks as per approved wiring diagram.
* Testing of the actual wiring done.
* Installation of power supply equipment, completion of outdoor works like track circuits, signals, fixing of point machines etc.

* Conducting simulation test.
* Commissioning by connecting indoor equipment to outdoor equipment after final testing.

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