Railway Yard

Station and Yards Railway Signalling

Railway Signalling Station and Yards,Definition of Station,Purpose of Railway station,Types of Stations,Wayside Stations,Halt Stations,Flag Stations,Crossing Stations,Flag Stations,Halt Stations,Junction stations,Terminal Stations,Classification of Stations,Block Stations,Class A Station,Class B Station,Class C Station,Non Block Stations,Special class stations,Passenger Platform,Definition of Yard,Types of Yards,Passenger yards,Goods yards,Marshaling yards,Flat yard,Gravity yard,Hump-yard,Locomotive yards,Level crossings,Engine sheds Station and Yards Railway Signalling Definition of Station 1. […]

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Manually Controlled Barriers (MCB)

Railway Level Crossings 

Presentation,Level Crossing,Strike-in point,Warning Sequence, Warning Time,Footpath Crossing,Open Crossing,User-worked Crossing,AOCL,Barriers (lifting barriers, gates and stiles),Fixed signs,telephones to the signaller or crossing keeper,active visible warnings,active audible warnings,Fixed signs and road markings,At footpath crossings,Provision of AWS equipment,AHBC,Gated Crossings,OPEN CROSSINGS (OC),USER-WORKED CROSSING (UWC),FOOTHPATH CROSSING & BRIDLEWAY CROSSINGS (FC & BC),MINIATURE STOP LIGHT (MSL),Barrier Crossings operated by Railway Staff (MCB),Manually Controlled […]

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