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Metro Rail Track work and track side work

Metro Rail General Rules

Metro Rail Track work and trackside work 

General – (1) All running tracks shall be inspected as per the schedule defined in Special Instructions.
(2) All Metro Railway employees whose duties require them to go on the tracks shall be properly trained and certified as Authorised Employee for the purpose of sub rule (1).

(3) All Metro Railway employees who go on the tracks shall wear appropriate high visibility clothing, helmet and boots.

Track work and trackside work in nontraffic hours – (1) No maintenance staff shall enter onto the track of any running line without the permission of the Traffic Controller.

(2) Non-traffic hours are defined as the hours between the passage of the last train, including any work train, and a published time before start of traffic again in the morning and the normal time shall be published in the relevant handbooks which may be varied from time to time by the Metro Railway.

(3) The maintenance staff requiring to carry out inspection or repair of equipment which does not affect the integrity of the track nor require the use of ladders or scaffolding and not involving danger to trains or traffic, may enter on the track under the following conditions, namely:-

(a) the Traffic Controller shall give permission, specifying the location and are a for which permission is given and the time by which staff shall have to leave the track;

(b) the Traffic Controller shall log the time, location and the name of the person to whom permission under clause (a) has been given.

(c) on completion of the work, the person to whom permission has been given under clause (a) shall report to the Traffic Controller, identify him self and affirm that he and his equipment are clear of the track and that it is safe for service to resume.

(d) if the work cannot be completed within the allotted time, the person to whom permission has been given under clause (a) shall inform the Traffic Controller before the expiry of the time he has been allotted and agree with the Traffic Controller for an extension of time and the institution of an Engineer’s Possession; and

(e) the Traffic Controller shall not permit the start of normal service until all permissions to work have been properly given up and rescinded.

(4) All other works carried on in non traffic hours shall be protected by an Engineer’s Possession. 

Track work and track side work which extends into traffic hours – (1) All works which are planned to extend beyond non traffic hours into the hours when train services normally operate shall be notified at least a fortnight in advance.

(2) All such works shall take place within an Engineer’s Possession.

(3) Works which are planned to be carried out within non traffic hours without an Engineer’s Possession but which are delayed by unforeseen circumstances shall be protected by an Engineer’s Possession.

(4) The train services on adjacent sections of the line shall be operated with appropriate caution order or other precautions as prescribed in special instructions.


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