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Commissioner Contents of report Documents accompanying inspection report

Metro Rail General Rules

Commissioner Contents of report Documents accompanying inspection report 

Contents of the report – (1) The report of the Commissioner shall specify that:-
(a) he has made a careful inspection of the metro railway and the rolling stock that may be used thereon;

(b) the moving and fixed dimensions as laid down have not been infringed, or the condonation of the infringements to the moving and fixed dimensions has been obtained from the competent authority.

(c) the track structure, strength of bridges/viaducts, tunnels, general structural character of the civil works, signaling and train control system, telecommunication, traction installations and the size of, and maximum gross load upon the axles of any rolling stock, comply with the requirements laid down; and

(d) in his opinion, the metro railway can be opened for the public carriage of passengers without any danger to the public using it.

(2) The reports shall be clear and concise and shall deal with all matters which are required to be considered, particularly whether the metro railway line is designed for the specified loading and whether there are instances of deviation or infringement of moving and fixed dimensions.

Documents accompanying inspection report – The report shall be accompanied by the following documents, namely:-

(a) Index plan and sections of the metro railway.

(b) Results of the load test of bridges, when asked for by the Commissioner.

(c) Documents required for initiation of electric traction.

(d) Tabulated details in Forms I to XV.

(e) Certificate by the Chief Executive Officer in Form XVI; and

(f) List of infringements of moving and fixed dimensions in Form XVII.


Submission of report to Central Government – In respect of every reference made to him under sub-rule (2) of rule 3, the Commissioner shall submit his report to the Central Government.


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