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Metro Rail Signalling and train control system Installation 

Metro Rail General Rules

Metro Rail Signalling and train control system Installation 

Signals – (1) The signals to be provided for controlling the movements of trains on the metro railway shall be, –
(a) Cab signals.

(b) Fixed line-side signals (where provided). and
(c) Hand signals for shunting purposes.

(2) The signalling and train control system shall be Continuous Automatic Train Control type and shall permit different modes of train operation depending upon its design, namely-

(a) automatic mode, where provided;
(b) automatic reversal mode (if provided):

(c) coded manual mode;
(d) run on sight mode, where provided;

(e) restricted manual mode; and
(f) cut-out mode, where provided.

(3) Under special circumstances and during initial stages, train services on the metro railway may be run with the approval of the Commissioner under Approved Special Instructions, by any of the following systems of working. namely:-

(a) Automatic Block System.
(b) Absolute Block System.

(4) The requirements of the various modes of train operations given in sub-rule  (2) above shall be in accordance with provisions laid down in Metro Railway General Rules, 2012 and the approved metro railway standards.

(5) The signalling and train control systems provided on the section shall be optimum for the planned level of safety and requirement of traffic.

(6) The design of signalling and train control system shall be such as to enable the driver to easily distinguish between various modes of train operation.

(7) The locations of trains running on the section and aspects of the signals, where provided and in use and, shall be displayed in the operations control center and the relevant station control rooms.

(8) The fixed line-side signals, where provided but not in use, will have specific indication to that effect.

Points – (1) All points on passenger lines shall be power operated.
(2) The point operating mechanism on passenger lines shall be of non-trail able designs.

(3) Spring points shall not be used.

(4) Move able crossings and move able diamond crossings on passenger lines shall be provided with complete facing point equipment of approved type.

Interlocking(1) The operation of signalling gears shall be automatic or from a panel or key board or any other approved means enabling operation of routes and also individual operation of points and signals.

(2) The apparatus provided for operation of points and signals shall be interlocked for all passenger running lines.

Track Circuits – All passenger running lines shall be equipped with means of continuous detection like track circuit, axle counters, or other suitable means, to detect the presence or absence of a vehicle.

Sidings – Sidings shall be arranged in such a manner that shunting operations upon them shall involve the least possible use of, or obstruction to, running lines.

Provision of isolation at stations(1) All passenger line shall be isolated from all sidings connected there to.
(2) Isolation may be accomplished by –
(a) connection to a long line or siding. or

(b) provision of a short dead end siding. or

(c) provision of trap. or
(d) any other authorised means of isolation.

Note: when a trap is provided, the trap switch should be located with the heel of the switch in rear of the fouling mark and preferably on the straight. The switch should be in the rail away from the line to be protected.

Emergency Communication – Necessary means of communication, like mobile radio communication, shall be
provided to enable the drivers to contact the operation control centre and station control room in case of an emergency.

General – The standard of safety of signalling and train control system provided shall be in accordance with the Approved metro railway standards or recommendations of the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization or it’s equivalent national standards/international standards, as the case may be.

Necessary measures like protective devices or design features shall be adopted to safeguard signalling and train control, and telecommunication installations against the harmful effect of electromagnetic inference, stray current and earth leakage current, etc. of 25KV AC, or 750 V DC, or other traction systems as adopted on the section.


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