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Metro Rail Emergency track side work traffic hours

Metro Rail General Rules

Metro Rail Emergency track side work traffic hours

Metro Rail Emergency track side work traffic hours – (1) No routine maintenance shall be undertaken during the hours in which train services normally run except as provided for in sub-rule (2).

(2) If emergency repair work is required to be carried out to prevent accidents or to maintain or restore train services, such emergency work shall be done under the Engineer’s Possession which shall be granted by the Traffic Controller without delay taking the exigencies of trains services into account and making adjustments in train schedules.

Engineer’s Possession – (1) Engineer’s Possession on running lines is granted by the traffic controller who has final responsibility on whether or not the Engineers may take possession.

(2) All works on tracks in depot shall be undertaken within an Engineer’s Possession which shall be granted by the Depot Controller but in other matters the rovisions hereinafter provided shall apply.

(3) An area under the Engineer’s Possession is the sole responsibility of engineering official in charge and all issues of safe working within that area including the movement of trains is his responsibility.

(4) The person in charge of Engineer’s Possession shall be trained in the duties and responsibility of the role and certified so by the Authorised Official or institution of metro railway.

(5) If more than one maintenance unit is working within the same possession, one person shall be nominated by the Traffic Controller as the person responsible for the coordination for the work of all the units, as per special instructions.

(6) When possession is granted under sub rules (1) and (2), the engineering official in charges shall protect the area of the possession from access by trains in one of the following ways, namely:-
(a) securing a vehicle at the limit of the possessing;

(b) securing points for a route which diverts trains away from the area of possession;
(c) using visual warning means for protection; and
(d) any other means as per special instructions.

(7) For running line signalled for operation in either direction, protection shall be implemented at all points of potential access and different methods may be used at each location in accordance with the sub-rule(6) .

(8) If a work train or self propelled maintenance vehicle is to be used within the possession area, it shall arrive at site before possession is taken and lamps displaying red aspects restricting movement towards the possession area shall be placed at the limits of the possession or on the secured vehicles where these are used to protect the possession

(9) Where work on one track is likely to affect the passage of trains on an adjacent track, possession shall be taken of all tracks likely to be affected.

(10) If trains are required to pass on an adjacent track, the person in charges of the possession shall be responsible for ensuring that the track is safe to use before giving permission by hand signal.

(11) Unless essential for the movement of trains, traction power shall be switched off from the area of the possession by the Traction Power Controller and shall only be re-energised on receipt of clearance.

(12) All switching ON or switching OFF operations of traction power required for maintenance work or Engineer’s Possession or for any other purpose shall be approved by Traction Power Controller.

(13) The person in charge shall be responsible for confirming to the Traffic Controller on completion of the work that the track is safe for traction power to be switched on, all protection measures have been removed and the track is safe for trains to run.

(14) All Engineer’s Possession shall normally be authorised only under staff protection keys, where provided.

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