Railway Point lie and IRJ

Railway Point lie and IRJ

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Railway Point lie and IRJ

Railway Point lie and IRJ :-  Pair point ends as crossovers as much as possible

Allocation of point lie at double junction depends much on “regional practice” taking into account

the relative speed of the diverging route and the ratio of straight-on / diverging traffic

IRJs shown in RED are to enable “parallel moves”- don’t forget the “diagonal” parallel lines !


IRJs shown in BLUE are to enable point locking to be released after passage of train.  Consider the “running-off” ends of points and whether prompt release would allow other routes to be set.  NB need to consider whether a line is used bi- direction-ally – the arrows drawn here wouldn’t be drawn on the plan but are to denote the possible running directions. 

[Note that no specific use for crossover 720, presumably for occasional use to shunt light engine from Up Branch back to Up Branch or as an end of SLW (degraded mode working)  and thus not of prime concern for this].

Switch Diamonds only permits lines to CROSS but not allow traffic to pass from one to the other



Pair point


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