Metro Rail Control and Working of Stations

Metro Rail Control and Working of Stations

Metro Rail General Rules

Metro Rail Control and Working of Stations

Metro Rail Control and Working of Stations | Class of stations – The stations in Metro Railway are classified as-
(a) terminal stations. or
(b) inter–locked stations having points and crossings, fixed signals, and siding, or
(c) other intermediate stations not having points and crossings (with or without fixed signals. or
(d) any other class as specified in special instructions

Responsibilities of Station Controller – Each Station Controller shall 
(i) open the station at least ten minutes before the advertised time of the first train.
(ii) carry out an inspection of the station premises, at the start of his duty period recording any defects or irregularities found and reporting the same to authorities concerned including the operations control center for prompt rectification.

(iii) be responsible for the supervision of the passenger flows, and the provisions of adequate barriers and escalator services, ensuring that all staff renders prompt assistance to passengers.

(iv) be responsible for reporting any defect and failure of any equipment on the station to the appropriate maintenance department.
(v) be responsible for handling any emergency situations, and public announcements.
(vi) be responsible for the training of the station staff in local rules and conditions, for monitoring of their performances, discipline and

(vii) observe the departure of last train and at interchange station, shall supervise the interchange of passengers between last advertised connecting train and shall inform the Traffic Controller when all interchange has been completed.
(viii) inspect the station after the departure of last train to ensure that no unauthorised persons and unattended object remain on the premises and then lock all the entrances, as required.

(ix) be responsible for keeping a log book which details occurrence on the station which shall include among other things, timings and reports of inspections, timing and location of maintenance activities, complaints or request from passengers, instruction from the traffic controller period of local control of signaling and unusual incidents. and

(x) be responsible for control and Operation of local panel and work station with the approval of the Traffic Controller.

Responsibilities of Platform Supervisor – The Platform Supervisor, where provided, shall ––
(i) monitor the boarding and alighting of passengers and be alert to observe any accident and report each to the Station Controller;
(ii) when a dangerous situation arises, operate the emergency stop plunger to stop any train on or approaching the platform and report his action to the Station Controller.

(iii) handle any malfunctioning of Platform Screen Doors, where provided.
(iv) manage customer interface.
(v) monitor platform attendance.
(vi) manage trolley circulation, if any. and
(vii) be responsible for platform cleaning.

Responsibilities of Baggage Handling Supervisor – Wherever the Baggage Handling System is provided, the Baggage Handling Supervisor shall
(i) monitor the entire baggage handling system to ensure smooth movement of passenger baggage; and
(ii) take appropriate action as provided in special instructions in case of any abnormality in the Baggage Handling System.

Responsibilities of Booking office staff –(1) The booking office staff shall  
(i) be responsible for the sale of tickets at ticket window and by self service machines where provided.
(ii) sell tickets for the prices in the current fare table and render exact change as may be required.
(iii) account for all tickets sold and all cash taken in accordance with instructions issued from time to time.

(iv) keep such amounts of cash at their points of sales, as is necessary for giving change, and the surplus shall be kept in a locked safe or the other secure storage.
(v) be responsible for ensuring that self service ticket vending machines, if provided are adequately stocked with tickets and that
cash is regularly removed from the machines to secure storage.

(vi) be responsible for reporting malfunctioning or irregularities in the operation of ticket issuing equipment to the maintenance
departments. and
(vii) assist the passengers during crowd control and emergency evacuation procedures.

(2) The senior booking office staff or Assistant Station Controller, wherever provided, shall –
(a) be responsible for the accurate accounting for ticket sold and cash received; and
(b) be required to assist or depute for the Station Controller when circumstances demand.

Security –(1) (a) Stations shall be open for access to the public at least ten minutes before the advertised time of departure for the first train and until all the passengers have left the station after the arrival of the last train and at all other times the station shall be secured, as laid down in the special instructions, against unauthorised entry;

(b) at a location near station control room, a key to a designated emergency exit shall be provided in a glass box, which is for use of maintenance staff in the event of emergency during non-traffic hours. The emergency key box shall be inspected each morning by Station Controller and use of the key, when made, shall be reported to the Security Controller who shall arrange for the box to be secured again; The opening of emergency exit doors should be monitored by suitable mechanism to keep track of its usage, and ensuring their closure after usage.

(c) the emergency exits, where ever provided, may also be used for the passenger’s evacuation in emergency, if required.
(2) All the equipment rooms shall be kept locked at all times when access is not required and when these rooms are accessed by authorised person, such person shall be responsible for ensuring that no unauthorised person is permitted access.

(3) (a) All areas not required for the passage of passengers at the station shall be secured against unauthorised access.
(b) booking offices and other places where items of value, such, as tickets and cash are kept, shall be locked at all times, and within such areas, tickets and other items of value shall be kept in locked cupboards.

Station Working Orders – (1) In addition to the General Rules and special instructions of the Metro Railway, each station shall be provided with the Station Working Orders applicable to the station giving details of-
(a) the location of equipment and guidelines for their use.

(b) the emergency evacuation routes at station and with adjoining block section.
(c) the designated entrance for attendance by police, fire and ambulance vehicle.
(d) the designated entry for fire services. and

(e) list of medical facilities locally available.
(2) Copies of these Station Working Orders shall be readily available with on duty Station Controller who is required to work at the particular station.
(3) A copy of these working orders shall be kept in a special marked binder in a conspicuous place in the station control room.



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