UK Railway Networkrail Records Hand Back

UK Railway Records Hand Back

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UK Railway Network rail Records Hand Back

Records Hand Back is an Important Phase in UK Railways

This is the final stage after Design, Installation, Testing & Commissioning.

It is the responsibility of the design office to ensure that the Source record is updated to correlate with the site. Which will help the maintenance staff.


The Stages of Hand Back are:-

  • Study the Tester Pinks received after commissioning
  • Check the comments in the DRN (Document Review Notice)
  • Update Source Record
  • Complete the Checking Process
  • Prepare required copies of source record
  • Prepare AIR sheets
  • Prepare QF915 form for Return of Source records.


Source Records No Longer Required

  The following should be returned accompanied by a completed QF915 – “Return of AS Built” Form.

a).  All source records (Either negative or the electronic CAD file depending on Format)

b).  Paper print signed in Blue Ink by Producer and Checker and stamped “Master Record Copy” on the reverse. (Print in Original Size for Negatives)

c).  The original AIR sheets signed (in box with title block) by the Producer and Checker. The AIR sheet must detail all works undertaken.

d).  Testing copies showing comments, including the Closure List & AIR sheets.

e).  All Correlation drawings

f).  Abolished source records with a line through them and written instruction for them to abolished.


The discrepancies  found while Records Handback

1. Office procedure not followed while locking the CAD files

2. Once case found where the file is update & printed but not saved.

3. In many cases correlation was done but the existing version is not shown in the Source Record Update column.


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