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Metro Rail Works at Stations

Metro Rail General Rules

Metro Rail Works at Stations

Works at Stations – (1) No maintenance work, affecting safety of train operation, shall be carried out at any station without Engineer’s Possession and until permission has been granted by the Station Controller.

(2) All works in public areas shall be securely fenced to prevent access by the public.

(3) The maintenance staff, as per special instructions, shall report to the Station Controller before starting work and again before leaving the station and the Station Controller shall record the time and location of their work so that they be warned of any emergency arising on the station.

(4) Any maintenance work on a station which requires fire alarm or fire suppression equipment to be isolated shall be done only with the permission of the Station Controller.

(5) The maintenance staff shall be responsible for their own protection and for raising the alarm in case of fire in the area which has been isolated and shall also be responsible for restoring normal function to the isolated equipment informing the Station Controller on completion of their work.

(6) No maintenance work which requires the complete shut down of the fire alarm or fire suppression systems of public areas shall take place during the hours in which the station is open to the public.

(7) No maintenance work, which requires the use of ladders or scaffolding, shall take place within the fixed structure dimensions laid down in the schedule of dimensions from the platform edge during traffic hours. 

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