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Metro Rail Definitions

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Metro Rail Definitions

* “Accident” means any occurrence which causes or has the potential to cause death or injury to staff, passengers or other persons or cause damage to the property of the Metro Railway, passengers or other persons.


* “Act” means the Metro Railways (Operation and Maintenance) Act, 2002, (60 of 2002).

* “Adequate distance” means the distance sufficient to ensure safety.


* “Approach lighting” means an arrangement in which the lighting of signals is controlled automatically by the approach of a train.

* “Approved special instructions” means special instructions approved 2 by the Commissioner.

* “Authorised Officer” means an officer of the Metro Railway administration who is duly empowered by general or special order of the Metro Railwa y administration, either by name or by virtue of his office, to issue instructions.


* ”Authorised Electrical Person” means any person who is duly authorised by an officer of the Metro Railway administration empowered for this purpose , either by name or by designation, to perform specific work on the electrical equipment or circuitry.

* “authorised employee” means a Metro Railway employee to whom a competency certificate has been issued by the metro Railway Administration.


* “authority to Proceed” means the authority given to the Operator of a train, under the system of working, to enter the block section with his train.

* “Automatic Fare Collection system” means an automatic system for collection of fares and issuing of tickets;
* “Automatic Mode” means the mode of operation of train under Automatic Train Operation where train is driven automatically including control of acceleration, coasting, braking and stopping of trains.


* “Automatic Train Operation” means a sub-system of Continuous Automatic Train Control system, which automatically controls acceleration, coasting, braking and stopping of trains.
* “Automatic Train Protection” means a sub-system of Continuous Automatic Train Control System which maintains safe train operation, including train direction, train separation, interlocking and speed enforcement.


* “Automatic Train Supervision” means a sub-system of Continuous Automatic Train Control system which automatically monitors the entire system and directs train running so as to provide scheduled service under normal circumstances.
* “Auxiliary Systems Controller” means a metro railway employee competent and responsible for the control of the Auxiliary systems including tunnel ventilation system, station air conditioning and building management system of the Metro Railway.


* “Axle Counter” means an electrical device which, when provided at two given points on the track, proves, by counting ‘axles in’ and counting ‘axles out’, whether the section of the track between 3 the said two points is clear or occupied.



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