Metro Rail Provision of Signals Working of Signals and points 

Metro Rail Provision of Signals Working of Signals and points 

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Metro Rail Provision of Signals Working of Signals and points

Metro Rail Provision of Signals

(1) Fixed signals shall be provided on running lines at the approach to all points and crossings of interlocked areas and located in such a way that trains will stop at a safe distance from any fouling movement or location.


(2) All depot tracks and any other tracks not equipped with Automatic Train Protection shall be controlled by fixed signals for both entry to and exit from the main line.


(3) All single ended tracks shall be provided with at least one permanent red as pectlight to indicate the point beyond which train shall not proceed.


(4) Stopping markers shall be provided at all platforms to indicate where a train of a given length will stop for the convenient de training and en training of passengers:Provided that where trains of varying lengths may operate, separate markers will be provided for trains of each potential length, and for bi-directional running.

Metro Rail Working of Signals and points 

(1) Control of signals and points shall be from a route setting panel or work-station, and complete routes, points and signals, will be cleared by a single set of operations under normal conditions.


(2) Any failure of vital equipment shall cause the signaling system to display the most restrictive indication.

(3) Any route which has been cleared for a train shall not be cancelled until it is cleared by the train entering the route except:


 (a) In case of emergency; and

 (b) In case where operating conditions require that an alternate route be cleared and in this case, the alternative route shall not be made available for clearance until the pre-set time, defined under special instructions, has elapsed from the time the original route was cancelled.


(4) In conditions of failure of route setting controls, points can be set individually from Operations Control Centre, Station Control Room or locally as may be necessary.


Metro Rail Provision of Signals – Working of Signals and points

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