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Metro Rail Objective of single line working Implementation

Metro Rail General Rules

Metro Rail Objective of single line working Implementation, Signaling Failures

Objective of single line working –In case of an obstruction on a portion of the line between any two stations on one of the running lines, train service may be continued in the affected section on the adjacent line in both directions using single line working on the unaffected track and such single line working shall be achieved by fleeting of trains in groups in one direction at intervals decided by the Traffic Controller followed by an equivalent group of trains in the other direction.

Implementation(1) The Traffic Controller, shall after consultation with the chief controller, decide to implement the single line working.

(2) The Traffic Controller, shall before the train passes in the reverse direction, inform the Station Controller at each of the stations in the single line section.

(3) The Station Controllers shall also closely monitor crowding on the platform in use and prepare to close entrances to the station if overcrowding becomes dangerous.

(4) The Station Controllers at these stations shall inform passengers by the visual and audible announcement and take any other measures necessary to direct passengers on the correct platform.

(5) The Traffic Controller shall inform the Train Operators of all trains of the location and direction of the single line working.

(6) Trains shall work under normal signalling including Automatic Train Operation in the normal direction of travel. In the reverse direction of travel, If signalling system permits, the train shall normally work under Automatic Mode or Coded Manual Mode. Other Modes like Restricted Manual Mode, Run On Site Mode or Cut Out Mode may also be used for train operation in the reverse direction of travel, under Special Instructions.”

(7) When normal working is to be restored, the traffic controller shall inform the Station Controller at each station of the single line section, of the last train to pass the section in the reverse direction after which normal station operation shall be restored.

Signaling Failures –In the event of a failure of a track side signaling equipment which makes Restricted Manual operation necessary on all trains, single line working shall be suspended immediately and if necessary, train may still pass through the section in the normal direction of travel and after defect is repaired; single line working may be resumed.

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