Configuration & Version Control Signalling Design 

Configuration & Version Control Signalling Design

Indian Railway Signalling Network Rail Presentation

Title Block,Other Design Details,Indexing,Closure List,AIR  (Approval Issue Record),Version Control

Configuration & Version Control Signalling Design Presentation

Title Block

Design details should include an overall border of 5mm with a left hand binding margin of 40mm minimum, with an update block, production block and title block agreed by the records custodian bearing the information required by NR/L2/SIG/11201. A typical layout is shown in NR/L2/SIG/11201, Module A10, Figure 1. The border and title block should be an integral part of the design. (For alterations to existing design details see NR/L2/SIG/11201).


Title Block

Other Design Details     

Design details for which it is not practicable to provide a title block, e.g. signaller’s route cards (see NR/L2/SIG/11201, Module A2, Section 5.4), should be given a suitable means of identification and certification. This should carry the following information,:
a) unique identifier, e.g. document number;
b) version and/or date;


Other Design Details



Information Required

Index sheets should be provided at the front of all sets of design details to enable the contents to be audited. They should contain a complete list of sheet numbers, preferably including any spare numbers, and should contain the following information for each sheet, as shown on the typical example given in NR/L2/SIG/11201, Module

      A2, Figure 11:

  1. a) sheet number;
  2. b) current version;
  3. c) title of description of drawing;
  4. d) status (i.e. red, green, combined, new, abolished);
  5. e) serial numbers of any modification sheets issued;
  6. f) columns for the use of testers when the index sheet is used as a closure list (see Section 2.5).


Closure List

At a date to be agreed between the responsible design engineer and the tester in charge (which should be stated in the design specification and should be at least three days before the commencement of commissioning testing), a closure list should be issued to the tester in charge, comprising an updated set of index sheets listing the latest version of every sheet of design details issued. It should be printed on pink paper and endorsed “Closure List”.


AIR  (Approval Issue Record)

A master copy of the AIR should be created as a signed record of certification. Subsequent entries should be certified similarly. This may be achieved, for example, by:

a) printing a separate copy of the AIR sheet with each new entry, to allow the latest entry to be certified, but including the previous printed entries unsigned;

A copy of the appropriate signed AIR should be included with each set of production copies issued.

Version Control

The initial design, after being checked, should carry the version letter “A”, after which sequential letters should be used, starting with “B” for the first change. The version letter for the change should appear in the version box in the bottom right hand corner of the drawing, and should generally be shown red on coloured plans.


Version Control


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