Railway Track Circuits

Railway Track Circuits,Battery,Track Relay,Adjustable resistance,Insulated rail joints,Adjustable Resistance,Insulated rail joints,Track circuit bonding,Dead Section, Present ERA Railway Track Circuits OUTLINE 1. Introduction 2. Components 3. Working 4. Do’s & Don’t 5. Other technology 6. Present era of technology 7. Conclusion INTRODUCTION 1. Track circuit is simple electrical device used to detect the Presence/Absence of train on […]

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Insulated Rail Joints

Railway Insulated Rail Joints

Insulated Rail Joints,Insulated Rail Joints Buffer Stops Railway Insulated Rail Joints Insulated Rail Joints (IRJs) are required to join together mechanically but no electrically. they are required for the follwing purposes: to define the limits of jointed track circuits, to provide insulation between rails at S&C, necessitating track circuit transpositions, where transpositions are required for […]

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