Railway Insulated Rail Joints

Railway Insulated Rail Joints

Railway Bonding Plan

Railway Insulated Rail Joints

Railway Insulated Rail Joints:- Insulated Rail Joints (IRJs) are required to join together mechanically but no electrically. they are required for the following purposes:

  1. to define the limits of jointed track circuits,
  2. to provide insulation between rails at S&C, necessitating track circuit transpositions,
  3. where transpositions are required for other purposes,
  4. to provide traction return isolation.

The following shall be considered relative to IRJ Provision in S&C as constrained by permanent way engineering considerations:

  1. IRJs adjacent to cast crossings shall be avoided wherever practicable.
  2. IRJs, run over in the high-speed route shall be avoided as far as practicable.
  3. There shall be a minimum distance of 200m between the chair of rail fastenings of opposite polarity/phase to reduce the probability of failures due to metallic litter, etc.

Railway Insulated Rail Joints


Railway Insulated Rail Joints


Insulated Rail Joints – Buffer Stops

Buffer Stop 

Rail-mounted buffer stops in track circuits areas must be fully isolated, by one of the following means:

  1. Provision of an insulated design of buffer stop.
  2. Provision of ITJs in both rails, for a double rail track circuit, or
  3. Provision of an IRJ in the insulated rail, for a single rail track circuit.

in order to ensure detection of the shortest vehicle, the IRJs shall be located at 4m + 0.5m from the face of the buffer stop. the position of the IRJs for friction buffer stops shall be determined from figure F8. The type of IRJ must be of a design that offers similar tensile strength to conventional steel fish plates.

Railway Insulated Rail Joints Buffer Stops


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    Looking for a concept to assist drivers within a yard limits to the identify IRJ
    Currently where are having a numerous amount Of LOAs through drivers not being able to identify there location as the IRJs within the standard distance of a Signal our Indicator looking for some ideas in how we can provide an identification tool without moving the IRJ.

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