Railway Signalling Production Records

Railway Signalling Production Records

Railway Signalling Production Records Network Rail

Railway Signalling Production Records

Production Office Copy :- Once the producer takes up the job of designs, he makes alterations to the source records (Negative/CAD) ,including incrementing the version and conducts production checks. After independent checking is done, the producer updates the designs to checkers observations by making relevant alterations to the source records.

Production Office Copy is  a print of the altered source record(CAD or Negative), from which production issue copies are derived. POC is printed on white paper,  appropriately coloured, issue dated and endorsed ”Production Office Copy” Following are the copies taken POC and shall be identical in all respects.

* Checking copies

* Inter disciplinary checking copies


* Approval copies

* Test copies


* Construction copies

* Other copies (as listed in SDS)

The producer retains the Production checking copy(self checking copy) and Independent checking copy is taken from the source updated to observations on PCC by the producer.

Record Issue Copies

The following copies required for the specific purposes are B/W prints(white paper) of the Master record.

Correlation copies

Maintenance copies


Production Office Copy, Checking copies , Inter disciplinary checking copies, Approval copies, Test copies, Construction copies, Correlation copies, Maintenance copies

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