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Metro Rail Accident and Unusual Occurrences

Metro Rail General Rules

Metro Rail Accident and Unusual Occurrences

Report of the accident and unusual occurrences – (1) Any accident or incident shall be reported by the Metro Railway employee concerned or any other person who notices it with utmost expediency to the Traffic Controller or the nearest Station Controller as soon as practicable.

(2) On receipt of a report under sub-rule (1), the Station Controller shall inform the Traffic Controller and vice versa.

Duties of the station staff – (1) On receipt of a report of an incident or accident or emergency, as the case may be, under sub-rule (1) of rule 48, the Traffic Controller shall first ascertain the extent of injury to passengers and others and take prompt action to prevent further injuries and he shall also assess the potential effect on the train services and then take all reasonable measures to maintain the train services, prevent delay or damage to property and equipment.

(2) If the incident is an emergency, the traffic controller shall report it to the Chief Controller and the Chief Controller shall arrange for the assistance of the Metro Railway emergency response staff and where necessary, arrange the assistance of the Police, fire
and the Ambulance services.

(3) The Traffic Controller shall keep a log of all reports and requests received, action taken and other relevant information obtained or distributed.

Metro Rail Accident and Unusual Occurrences

(4) A Station Controller, in the event of an accident at his station, shall take measures to prevent the situation becoming worse, render first aid if possible, arrange for the injured to be hospitalised and inform the Traffic Controller for outside help, if required.

(5) If the accident is an emergency, the Station Controller shall evacuate the area concerned and take measures to prevent access to the area other than by the emergency services, and in extreme cases, the station may be closed and the Traffic Controller requested to arrange for trains to pass the station without stopping.

(6) A full record of events and actions shall be entered in the Station Log, including the video recording as necessary, to preserve the clues.

(7) All staff of the metro railway shall deal with the accidents and emergencies expeditiously and with the following priorities–

(a) save life, prevent further injury, and alleviate suffering.

(b) protect the Metro Railway property and equipment.

(c) take steps for preservation of clues.

(d) inform the public of the effect on train services and the availability of alternative transport facilities.

(e) restore the safe operation of the train services as quickly as practicable. and

(f) restore normal services.


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