Prototype RS Indicator|Point Selection Schematic|Four Foot Points Machine

ROUTE SECURE, Prototype RS Indicator, POINT CONTROL,  Point Selection Schematic ,FOUR FOOT POINT MACHINE,4 Foot Points Movement Clip, POINT CHECKBACKS, POINT DETECTION, Rail Gap Indicator, Staff Protection Keyswitch,Useful Documents Prototype RS Indicator|Point Selection Schematic|Four Foot Points Machine •Route secure indicators are mounted at the side of the track and use LEDs to display a route indication to the train operator. •They […]

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HTF Relay Rack 1 Front

Relay Rack Design JNUP Thales Railway

JNUP Relay Rack Design, Relay Rack Design JNUP Thales Railway,Typical SER Relay Rack Connections,GENERAL DESCRIPTION, POWER SUPPLIES, RELAY TYPES, AC LINE CIRCUITS, CCTF,DESIGN PRINCIPLES,Earth Screened Concentric Cable,Earth Fault Detection Relay Rack Design JNUP Thales Railway JNUP Relay Rack Design * Relay Rack Overview * Design Principles * Design Features * Circuit Principles * RS Overview * Points Overview * RGI * […]

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Track Circuit Interrupters

Track Circuit Interrupter Railway 

railway track circuit diagrams,track circuit assister,dc track circuit,track circuit block,track circuit bonding,aster track circuits,rail treadle switch,A track circuit interrupter,track circuit interrupters,A DC track circuit Track Circuit Interrupter  Railway  * Track circuit interrupters are Emergency stop devices. These are provided at designated locations to provide a vital indication that a train has run into a portion […]

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Types of Point Machines Railway

point machine siemens,siemens point machine wiring diagram,hw 2000 point machine manual,trailable point machine,railway points normal and reverse,thick web point machine,crank handle railway,british rail point motors,Nomenclature, Common components,  Left-hand turnout, Right-hand turnout Point locking,TYPES OF POINT MACHINES, 4 Foot Point,6 Foot Point, Chairlock Point, Clamplock Point, M63 or Style 63 Point (Same machine, different name), Surelock Point,FOUR FOOT POINT MECHANISM Types […]

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Repeater signal located along with other proceeding signals

Railway Signals Use in Thales

Classification of signal, Shunt signals,Repeating signals, Three types of signal heads, Junction Indicator,Repeating signals, Speed control signals, Red Flashing Light, Current rail gap indicators, Tripcock tester indicator, Tunnel siding warning lights, ‘A’ sign, Two Aspect TBTC Controlled Signals, Three aspect ILM controlled signals, Signals not in use Railway Signals Use in Thales Railway Signals Use in Thales : The signalling must provide the train operator with clear […]

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Railway Signalling Track Circuit Interrupters Presentation

Catch Points Catch Points, Diverting Trap Points , Electronic Interlocking . Electronic Interlocking Relay Interlocking ,Interrupter Connected in Series with Track Circuit, Interrupters at Buffer Stops, Introduction (TCI),Railway Signalling Track Circuit Interrupters, Relay Interlocking,Track Circuit Assister (TCA) ,Track Circuit Assister Interference Detector (TCAID),Track circuit interrupter relay circuits ,Trap Points Trap Points,Wide-to-Gauge Trap Points (non-preferred) Railway […]

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