AUTO CAD 2D Presentation


AUTO CAD 2D Presentation


The AutoCAD package is a general purpose Computer‑Aided Drafting/Designing application for computers.

There is virtually no limit to the kinds of line drawings that are prepared using AutoCAD. If a drawing can be created by hand then Auto CAD can generate it also.

Here are just a few of the applications for which Auto CAD is being used today.

All Engineering Drawings:

1. Mechanical tool and Component diagrams.

2. Civil construction plans and elevations.

3. Architectural interior and exterior diagrams.

4. Electrical wiring plans, T & D and sub‑station diagrams.

5. Electronics circuit drawings and Cartographic Mapping.





(A)Function Keys

F 1  Help about AutoCAD

F3  Object Snap settings

F7  Grid ON / OFF­

F8  Ortho ON / OFF

F9  Snap ON / OFF

F10  Status Bar ON OFF



  1. Move Command

Select objects Specifies which objects to move.

Base point Specifies the start point for the move.

Second point In combination with the first point, specifies a vector that indicates how far, and in what direction, the selected objects are moved.If you press Enter to accept the Use first point as displacement value, the first point is interpreted as a relative X,Y,Z displacement. For example, if you specify 2,3 for the base point and press Enter at the next prompt, the objects move 2 units in the X direction and 3 units in the Y direction from their current position.

  1. Trim: To trim objects, select the boundaries. Then press Enter and select the objects that you want to trim. To use all objects as boundaries, press Enter at the first Select Objects prompt.
  1. Copy : 

Select objects: Use an object selection method and press Enter when you finish

Specify base point or [Displacement/mOde/Multiple] <Displacement>: Specify a base point or enter an option

Specify second point or [Array] <use first point as displacement>: Specify a second point or enter an option

4. Polyline:

Sets the starting point for the polyline.

If you specify a second point, you draw line segments.

If you enter a (for Arc), you draw arc segments.

  1. Line :

Specify first point / next pointSpecify points to draw line segments.

ContinueContinues a line from the endpoint of the most recently drawn line.

If the most recently drawn object is an arc, its endpoint defines the starting point of the line, and the line is drawn tangent to the arc.

Close Ends the last line segment at the beginning of the first line segment, which forms a closed loop of line segments. You can use Close after you have drawn a series of two or more segments.


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