Railway Track Circuits

Railway Track Circuits,Battery,Track Relay,Adjustable resistance,Insulated rail joints,Adjustable Resistance,Insulated rail joints,Track circuit bonding,Dead Section, Present ERA Railway Track Circuits OUTLINE 1. Introduction 2. Components 3. Working 4. Do’s & Don’t 5. Other technology 6. Present era of technology 7. Conclusion INTRODUCTION 1. Track circuit is simple electrical device used to detect the Presence/Absence of train on […]

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Track Circuit Interrupters

Track Circuit Interrupter Railway 

railway track circuit diagrams,track circuit assister,dc track circuit,track circuit block,track circuit bonding,aster track circuits,rail treadle switch,A track circuit interrupter,track circuit interrupters,A DC track circuit Track Circuit Interrupter  Railway  * Track circuit interrupters are Emergency stop devices. These are provided at designated locations to provide a vital indication that a train has run into a portion […]

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