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Metro Rail Definitions

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Metro Rail Definitions

* “Baggage Handling System” means a mechanised train borne and station-based system meant for transfer of passenger’s baggage between stations and to the Airport terminal.

* “Berth” means length of track nominated to be occupied by a train adjacent to a platform or in the Depot.


* “Block section” means the portion of the running line, as specified by special instructions, on to which no running train may enter, until permission to approach has been received.

* “Blue Light Station” means a location indicated by a blue light where a person can communicate with the Operations Control Center and disconnect traction power of a specified section to stop a train, in an emergency.


* “Building Management System” means a control-panel or workstation installed at every station to monitor and control proper functioning of building services, including safety critical systems.

* “Cab Signal” means visual indication displayed as speed limit and target distance on the train operator’s console granting him the authority to proceed under Automatic Mode, or Coded Manual Mode of driving.


* “Calendar Day” means the period from midnight to midnight.

* “Car Shed” or “Service Depot’ means an area where the Metro Railway trains and coaches are berthed either for repair or for any other attention including stabling.


* Caution Order” means an instruction given to the Train Operator to observe special precautions including speed reduction at notified locations.

* “Certificate of Competency” means the certificate issued to the Metro R a i l w a y employee after he has been examined for his knowledge of rules, regulations, procedures and manuals relevant to his duties, and found fit.


* “Chief Controller” means the metro railway employee in overall charge of Operations Control Centre functions.

* “Coded Manual Mode” means the mode of operation of train under Continuous Automatic Train Control System where train is driven manually but remains subject to maximum speed determined by Automatic Train Protection codes.


* “Commissioner” means the Commissioner of Metro Railway Safety appointed under section 7 of the Act.



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