Railway Computer Based Interlocking CBI Track Vacancy Detection

Indian Railway Signalling Metro Rail General Rules

Railway Computer Based Interlocking CBI Track Vacancy Detection Signals Point Machines

(i) Computer Based Interlocking (CBI):- The entire line including turn backtrack, transfer track, and sidings will be equipped with CBI system for the operation of points and crossings and setting of routes. The setting of the route and clearing of the signals will be done by workstation, which can be either locally (at station) operated or operated remotely from the OCC. This sub-system is used for controlling vehicle movements into or out of stations automatically from a workstation.

All stations having points and crossings will be provided with workstations for local control. Track occupancy, point position, etc. will be clearly indicated on the workstation. It will be possible to operate the workstation locally if the central control hands over the operation to the local station. The interlocking system design will be on the basis of the fail-safe principle.

The equipment will withstand tough environmental conditions encountered in a Mass Transit System. Suitable IS, IRS, BS standards or equivalent international standards will be followed in case wiring, installation, earthing, cabling, power supply and for material used in track circuits, axle counters, relays, point operating machines, power supply etc.


(ii) Track Vacancy Detection:- Primary mode for track vacancy detection system on main line may be through radio and
for secondary detection it can be through Track circuit / Axle Counter.

(iii) Signals:- Line side Signals: Multi Aspect Colour Light (LED) type Line side signals shall be installed on the Main Line and depot entry/ exit.

(a) At stations with point and crossing for point protection catering for bidirectional working

(B) At departure location at stations for normal direction of working

(iv) Point Machines:- Non-Trailable Electrical Point Machine capable of operating with either 110V DC or 3- phase 380V AC will be used on main line. The depot point machine will preferably be trailable type.

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