Ladder track or gathering line 

Points and Crossings Railway | Signalling & Interlocking

Points and Crossings Railway | Signalling & Interlocking  Signalling & Interlocking Points and Crossings Railway Points and Crossings Railway :- These are the arrangements provided in a railway track to divert a train from main line to branch line. 1 Turn Outs: pair of points and a crossing, to divert a train. 2 Left hand turnout: […]

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Metro Rail Prevention of overcrowding, Emergency Evacuation,Supervision of train movements

Metro Rail Prevention of overcrowding Emergency Evacuation

Metro Rail Prevention of overcrowding | Emergency Evacuation | Supervision of train movements Prevention of overcrowding –(1) If a service delays or other incident causes a build up of passengers on a platform, the Station Controller shall decide when that build up is likely to be unmanageable. (2) When any situation referred to in sub-rule […]

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