Metro Rail Speed And Working of Trains

Metro Rail Speed And Working of Trains Service Regularity

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Metro Rail Speed And Working of Trains Service Regularity

Metro Rail Speed And Working of Trains

(1) No person shall drive a train unless he is in possession of a valid certificate of competency and medical fitness.

(2) No Train Operator shall be booked to work a train until he has learnt the road and signed a certificate that he is fully acquainted with it and for this purpose, he shall be booked for minimum three round trips including one trip during night before being put to work the train independently.

(3) A Train Operator who has not worked on a section for three months or more should be given road learning trips to refresh his knowledge as under:

                       DURATION                                                                 NO. OF ROAD
                     OF ABSENCE                                                          LEARNING  TRIPS 
                       3-6 months                                                                  1 round trip
                    Over 6 months                                                              3 round trips


(4) No train shall be driven on a running line from the rear cab except – 

(a) a locomotive working within an Engineer’s Possession under the control of hand signals.

(b) in exceptional circumstances, when authorised by an official not below the grade of Traffic Controller. A look out shall be positioned in such cases at the leading end with the capacity to apply the emergency brake, and the speed of the train shall not exceed ten kilometer per hour in such cases.

(5) In depot, the train shall be always driven from the leading cab in the direction of travel or otherwise the Train Operator in the rear cab shall be instructed by cab to cab telephone by a second qualified Train Operator in the leading end cab.

(6) In depot, where a part consist or damaged train cannot be driven from the leading end, a look out shall be posted at the leading end, the Train Operator shall have the means of sounding an audible warning and, if practicable, the means of applying the emergency brake.

(7) Each train while manned shall show two white lights to the front and two red lights to the rear in the direction of travel.

(8) A stationary train on a running line shall be secured and shall show two red lights at each end of the train.

(9) A train stabled in a depot or siding shall show at least one red light at each end at a double ended siding and at the outermost end in the dead end siding.

Service Regularity

(1) Every effort shall be made by Operations Control Center Staff, station staff and train staff to ensure that scheduled intervals between trains are maintained.

(2) the Traffic Controller shall be responsible for maintaining the services at the scheduled level as far as practicable and for restoring the train services following a delay or disruption.

(3) the Traffic Controller at the Operations Control Center may adjust the timetable and may intervene manually to set and clear routes if the timetable needs to be varied or in the event of a major disruption.

(4) Each Train Operator shall start his train from terminal station as soon as he gets the Departure Order Indication.

(5) Each Train Operator shall start his train from each intermediate station at the time indicated by the Departure Order Indication.

(6) Each Train Operator shall follow any instruction from the Traffic Controller which varies the scheduled timings of his train.

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