Train Staffing in Metro Rail

Train Staffing in Metro Rail

Metro Rail General Rules

Train Staffing in Metro Rail

Train Staffing (1) Each train shall be manned by only one Train Operator.

(2) No person shall be allowed to travel in the Train Operator’s cab except a cab authorised trainee or apprentice Train Operator, a driving inspector and other authorised person as laid down in special instructions.

(3) Each Train Operator shall, at all times when on duty, be in possession of–
(a) a Train Operator’s handbook containing the General Rules and special instructions and the operating and  troubleshooting procedures for the train;

(b) two pairs of such spectacles he is required to wear under medical advice;
(c) a tri-colour torch or hand lamp capable of showing red, green and white aspects;
(d) a watch; and
(e) a First Aid kit.

(4) Each Train Operator when reporting for duty shall examine any notice issued for his guidance and in particular those which require his special attention on the specific day and line.

(5) The Train Operator shall undergo breathalyzer test at the time of sign-on and sign-off.

(6) The Train Operator shall check continuity and adequacy of brake power and air pressure or pneumatic pressure before taking the train out of depot and conduct brake power feel test at the first available opportunity.

(7) In the event of a Train Operator becoming incapacitated while driving a train, he shall, if capable, inform the Traffic Controller who shall inform the Station Controller at the next station.

(i) If the train is under Automatic Train Operation control, it shall arrive at the next station under automatic control and the Train Operator may be relieved at that station for medical attention.

(ii) The Station Controller, having valid competency certificate, may work as Train Operator till such time as another Train Operator is made available and the senior most metro employee qualified in the duties of the Station Controller, shall be in-charge of the Station during the absence of the Station Controller.

(iii) If the train is under manual control, it may get stopped between stations and in this case, the Station Controller at the station in rear of the train shall board the following train, instruct the T rain Operator to select Restricted Manual mode and proceed to the rear of the stalled train.

(iv) The Station Controller shall then instruct the Train Operator to close down his driving position, secure the train and leave it in that condition until further instructions from the Traffic Controller.

(v) The Station Controller shall then board the stalled train, go to the leading cab and drive the train to the next station where the Train Operator may be relieved for medical attention and on arrival at the next station, the Traffic Controller shall be informed that the following train may now be authorised to resume the normal working.

(vi) The Station Controller shall continue to drive the train until such time when another Train Operator shall be made available. Once relieved by Train Operator, the Station Controller shall return to his station as speedily as practicable.

(vii) Alternatively the Traffic Controller may arrange to provide a rescue Train Operator from the leading direction train, if necessary, as provided in special instructions. 

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