Engine Shed Railway

Engine Shed Railway,Circular type engine shed,Water Columns,Water Column & Ash Pit,Ash pits: (Ash-pans),Turn table,TrianglesBuffer Stops,Fouling Marks,Examination pits,Traversers,Derailing switch,Drop Pits,Scotch Block, Scotch and Sand Hump,Weigh Bridge,POINTS AND CROSSINGS, Some Definitions,Heel block, Check rails,Branch Track,Angle of crossing,Heel block,Lead Rails,Nose of crossing, Tongue rail,Switch,Throw of switch,Switch,Switch angle,Turn outs,Facing direction, Trailing directions,Facing points or Facing turn outs,Trailing points or […]

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Ladder track or gathering line 

Points and Crossings Railway

Points and Crossings Railway and Signalling & Interlocking,Turn Outs, Left hand turnout,Right hand turnout,Main track or main line,Branch track,Flange way clearance,Stock rails,Tongue rails, Stretcher bar,Switch,Toe of switch, Heel of switch,Throw of switch – 9.5cms for B.G,Facing points and facing direction,Trailing points and trailing direction, Check rails,Wing rails,ANC,TNC, Interlaced Sleepers,Diamond crossing,Cross over,Scissors cross over, Ladder track […]

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