Railway NWKR RWKR NWR RWR Point Operation Circuit

NWKR/RWKR, NWR/RWR, POINT OPERATION CIRCUIT, WCR, POINT OPERATION, WNKR/WRKR, NWKR/RWKR CIRCUIT  NWKR/RWKR CIRCUIT * With WLR, RCR/NCR picked up, NWKR/RWKR drops. * There by all indication relays& its repeater relays (NWKPRs, RWKPRs, NWKSRs, RWKSRs) drop.   NWR/RWR CIRCUIT With WLR up, all indication relays drop, NCR/RCR up, NWR/RWR will pick up at location   POINT […]

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