Railway Signalling Site surveys

Railway Signalling Site surveys

Railway Signalling Site surveys

Railway Signalling Site surveys

Site surveys-1

* Site surveys are to be conducted to assess the status of various equipment to list out the requirements for replacements/modifications/improvements to the system wherever necessary.

* Survey to be requested in case new locations/cases/REBs are proposed

* Survey is required where new track side equipment is proposed.

Site surveys-2

The following are important factors to be considered while assessing the signaling system. 

* Condition of wiring and cabling, including signs of deteriorating insulation.

* Condition of all other equipment and evidence that it can no longer safely withstand normal handling

* Condition of existing equipment rooms and apparatus case, and space for additional equipment.


* Accessibility of equipment.

* Condition of cable routes. Space available for new wires and cables available for to be added without overcrowding and for redundant wires and cables to be removed without damaging those remaining.

* The effect of increased heat load on existing equipment as a result of installing additional equipment.

Railway Signalling Site surveys

Types of Site surveys

* Sighting of signals, line side signs and indicators.

* Signalling layout survey

* Aerial survey.

* Video survey.


* Cable route survey.

* Condition surveys.

* Validation survey.

* New REB/Location positioning survey.


* Location survey.

* Wire degradation survey.

* Telecommunication survey.

* Project specific surveys (TPWS).

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