Ladder track or gathering line 

Points and Crossings Railway

Points and Crossings Railway and Signalling & Interlocking,Turn Outs, Left hand turnout,Right hand turnout,Main track or main line,Branch track,Flange way clearance,Stock rails,Tongue rails, Stretcher bar,Switch,Toe of switch, Heel of switch,Throw of switch – 9.5cms for B.G,Facing points and facing direction,Trailing points and trailing direction, Check rails,Wing rails,ANC,TNC, Interlaced Sleepers,Diamond crossing,Cross over,Scissors cross over, Ladder track […]

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Railway Signalling Glossary of Signalling Terms 

types of railway signals, railway signalling principle, railway terminology uk, raynes park control , railway signalling abbreviations, railway signalling terms, dead approach locking, british railway signals, types of railway signals, signalling record society, railroad semaphore signals, railroad lantern signals, how train signals work, railway signs and their meanings, railway signals explained, railway terms and phrases, […]

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Railway Track Circuits

Railway Track Circuits,Battery,Track Relay,Adjustable resistance,Insulated rail joints,Adjustable Resistance,Insulated rail joints,Track circuit bonding,Dead Section, Present ERA Railway Track Circuits OUTLINE 1. Introduction 2. Components 3. Working 4. Do’s & Don’t 5. Other technology 6. Present era of technology 7. Conclusion INTRODUCTION 1. Track circuit is simple electrical device used to detect the Presence/Absence of train on […]

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Receiver Coil Output

Railway Single Section Digital Axle Counter CEL DACF 710 A & DACF 710 P

Transmitter (TX) coils,Axle detectors,Components of DACF,Vital relay box,Railway Single Section Digital Axle Counter CEL DACF 710 A & DACF 710 P,SM’s Reset Box,Surge Voltage Protection Device,LED indications on SSDAC unit,Recording of Signal levels,24 V DC Supply (Battery),Oscillator Output (TX Coils),Receiver Coil Output ,Dummy wheel,SCC Cards (Cards 1 & 2),Modem Output (Card 6) ,DC –DC Converter […]

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