Train divided - Metro Train

Train divided – Metro Train

Metro Rail General Rules

Train divided –(1) If a train is stopped by an irrevocable emergency brake application and cab signaling indications are normal, the Train Operator shall examine the Train Control Monitoring System panel, or Train Integrated Management System panel, as the name given, to ascertain the cause, if indication of faults in multiple circuits affecting the whole train or rear cars of the train are present, the train shall not be moved until, it has been verified that the train is complete and coupled.

(2) After the verification about complete arrival and the integrity of the train is completed under sub rule (1), the Traffic Controller may authorise the Train Operator to make appropriate isolations and proceed. If the train is not divided, but is still unable to move on its own, the train shall be worked in accordance with sub rule (1) of rule 50.

(3) If the train is found to have parted , the Train Operator shall first satisfy himself that no passenger has been injured or has fallen from the train, and then –
(i) the passengers shall be cleared of the open ends of the train and train re-coupled with the help of assisting staff as per special instructions, if possible, in consultation with Traffic Controller and Rolling Stock Supervisor.

(ii) if the Train Operator has successfully re-coupled the train, he shall return to the leading cab, report the circumstances to the Traffic Controller and seek permission to proceed to the next station following the instructions given by the Traffic Controller.

(4) The train shall be withdrawn from passenger service at the next station and worked to depot for investigation of the incident.

(5) If train cannot be re-coupled, the Train Operator shall inform the Traffic Controller and the Traffic Controller shall then inform the Station Controller at the previous station to detrain passengers from the following train if possible, and use it to go to the site and take at least two staff with him.

(6) The Train Operator of the following train shall drive his train in Coded Manual Mode as far as the signaling permits, thereafter the Traffic Controller shall instruct the Train Operator to drive the train under Restricted Manual Mode and proceed at reduced speed as near to the divided train as possible and stop, and the Station Controller and the staff shall then leave the train from the front, or from the side, as applicable, and board the parted train.

(7) The staff shall be positioned at the rear of the front portion of the train and the Train Operator of the divided train shall return to the leading cab, make the necessary isolation and seek permission from the Traffic Controller to proceed.

(8) The Traffic Controller shall instruct the Train Operator to proceed at a speed not exceeding ten kilometer per hour as far as the next station and to stop at the far end of the platform.

(9) The other staff shall be positioned at the front end of the rear divided train portion and the assisting Station Controller shall, then, drive the rear portion of the train from the shunting position of the assisting train with utmost caution, and with the staff keeping a look out at the front, maintaining continuous communication with the traffic controller and the train shall be driven to the next station at a speed not exceeding ten kilometer per hour in any case.

(10) On arrival of the train at the station, passengers shall be detrained.

(11) The two portions of the train shall then be worked under the supervision of rolling stock Engineer in Restricted Manual M ode, if possible to the nearest depot or siding at a slow speed.

(12) The assisting train shall proceed once the cab signaling displays a proceed code and shall entrain passengers at the next station and resume normal working.

(13) In case of depot being in the direction opposite to the direction of working of the divided train, the rear portion of the divided train shall first be worked toward the nearest station in the direction of depot after positioning a security staff at the divided train portion in the rear, after the Train Operator has changed his cab in the leading direction of movement, in consultation with the Traffic Controller.

(14) The other parted portion of the train shall then be worked cautiously in the shunting mode after appropriate isolation, at a very slow speed after positioning the other security staff at the divided end keeping a close look out at the front and maintaining continuous communication with the Traffic Controller.

(15) After reaching the station, the assisting train can resume normal operation.

(16) The parted portions of the divided train shall be worked to depot under supervision of rolling stock supervisor in Restricted Manual mode, if possible.

(17) In case it is not possible to move any parted portion of the divided train on its own power, it shall be worked to the depot using another suitable train under instructions of the Traffic Controller. 

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