Ready to Depart Indicator Railway

Ready to Depart Indicator Railway 

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Ready to Depart Indicator Railway


• RTDI will be provided on each platform where staff is assigned to assist in the departure of trains.

• The indicator will normally be blank, but shall be commanded to display an unambiguous indication shortly before the train is ready to depart the platform.


• From Relay Rack AC 110 supply is extended through front contact of SMC PLC Relay and terminated in the CCTF, through CCTF 6 core 1.00 mm sq multicore cable is laid to the DBOX at sitei.e. near the way side equipment.


• In DBOX with 2 core 1.00 mm sq shielded multicore cable is terminated and extended to the RTDI UNIT through Drive Circuit.


• The RTDI shall operate satisfactorily from a single phase plus neutral electrical supply of between 88V and 121V RMS ac 45Hz to 55Hz sinusoidal.


• RTDI to be installed on platforms to aid Station Assistants Train Services with dwell management as derived by the train control system.


• RTDI should inform the SATS when the dwell time for a train is coming to an end and to make their final announcements.


Ready to Depart Indicator Railway

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