Railway Signalling Contacts Analysis

Railway Signalling Contacts Analysis

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Railway Signalling Contacts Analysis

Analysis showing number of wire on each terminal helps in wire count correlation.

* Relay contacts and coils

* Other equipment appearing on more than one sheet

* Cable terminations, with circuit names

* Electronic system input/output allocation

However, it is not essential to provide sheet nos for smaller locations.

Railway Signalling Contacts Analysis

In case of small alterations to existing locations, where it is not possible to provide complete analysis, analysis of the altered components only may be given, provided:

* Design specs provides for the relaxation

* Tester in charge agrees for the absence of analysis

* No analysis exists

* All components being altered are analysed

* Number of components to be altered are few.

This part analysis is for record purpose and for components not analysed, a blank grid can be provided. In absence of separate sliding links for every incoming and outgoing cables, a note should be inscribed on all cable termination sheets “All Single Post Terminations to be fitted with Red Dome Nuts”. This is a reminder in case of a cable fault jumpering.


Fuse analysis                      

Power supply fuse and terminals should be analysed to assist wire count correlation, showing the sheet no, and number of wires on each terminal. Also fuse ratings, circuit names or descriptions should be shown.


Lever lock and Circuit controller analysis

Lever locks and bands needs analysis with sheet no, and no of wires on each terminal for wire count correlation. The cut of lock, lock proving contacts, number of bands available and position of band should be shown. Type of lock and controller and force down feature where provided should also be stated.


Railway Signalling Contacts Analysis, Fuse analysis , Lever lock and Circuit controller analysis

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