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Metro Rail Application of Special Procedure | Driver less Train Operation

Metro Rail General Rules

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Metro Rail Application of Special Procedure | Driver less Train Operation

Application of Special Procedure – Notwithstanding anything contained in these rules, special procedures framed under approved special instructions shall apply to the initial stage of operation or whenever such a condition arises on any section of the Metro Railway.

Explanation. –For the purposes of this rule, the expression “initial stage” means the period in which any section of the Metro Railway shall be opened without Automatic Train Protection, or when signalling and Train Control is not available from the Operations Control Center.

Driver less Train Operation – (1) The Driver less Train Operation will provide the following two modes of train operation, namely:-

(a) Driver less Train Operation where an Authorised Employee is on board the train, but normally not in the driving cab, and he will have no responsibility for train operation except for failure recovery;

(b) Unattended Train Operation where no Authorised Employee is on board the train.

(2) An Authorised employee will be on board the train, who is termed as Roving Attendant, and will perform the following duties:-

(a) be present in the train and be watchful;
(b) be on general lookout from front window of the cab occasionally;

(c) report any unusual occurrence to the Traffic Controller; and
(d) do any other duty as assigned by general or special order of the Metro Railway Administration.

(3) The rules provided in these General Rules relating to the duties of Train Operator, Operation Control Center and Depot Control, shall not apply to the Driver less Train Operation. Either Approved Special Instructions shall be issued or separate Rules shall be notified for this purpose.


Metro Rail Application of Special Procedure | Driver less Train Operation

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