NWKR/RWKR CIRCUIT * With WLR, RCR/NCR picked up, NWKR/RWKR drops. * There by all indication relays& its repeater relays (NWKPRs, RWKPRs, NWKSRs, RWKSRs) drop.   NWR/RWR CIRCUIT With WLR up, all indication relays drop, NCR/RCR up, NWR/RWR will pick up at location   POINT OPERATION CIRCUIT AT LOCATION * With NWR/RWR picks up, WJR picks […]

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Overlap Stick Relay Circuits - OVSR & OVJSLR

Railway Signalling SMR/SMCR/TSR/UCR/ASR /ALSR/UYRs/ OVSR /OVJSLR Circuits

SMR/SMCR CIRCUIT This relay is energized when the SM’s panel key is `IN’ and turned to Normal. The Energisation of SMCR/SMR relay provides authorized operation of all the functions on the panel. When SM’s key is turned to reverse and taken out from panel by SM, prevents un-authorized operation and locks the panel in the […]

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RRI Signal, Points With Switches & Routes With Buttens,NCR/RCR,RR Relay Circuits

RRI Signal, Points With Switches & Routes With Buttens ANR/BNR CIRCUIT When route button is pressed, the route button relay concerned ANR , BNR etc. picks up. RR RELAY RR RELAY: WHEN THE KNOB REVERSED, THE RR CONCERNED PICKS UP PROVING ALL OTHER CONFLICTING SIGNALS NRs IN PICKUP LR RELAY As the signal knob is […]

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Railway Signalling Drawing Methods|ONE DRAWING METHOD|TWO DRAWING METHOD

Railway Signalling Drawing Methods

Railway Signalling Drawing Methods * Red and Green are the colors used in  production process of designs to indicate changes. * RED – New equipment provided for installation/commissioning * GREEN – Redundant equipment identified for recovery.   ONE DRAWING METHOD * Both recoveries and new proposals are indicated in a single sheet of the drawing. […]

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