Location of Railway Signals

Railway Signals Location | Home Signal | Distant Signal | Routing Signal | Starter Signal | Advanced Starter

Location of Railway Signals Home Signal : On single line, shall be placed at not less than 300 Mts. in rear of the first facing point. On double line may be located at a distance of not less than 180 Mts. in rear of the facing points or BSLB.   Distant Signal : On single […]

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Indian Railways Signalling Slip Siding & Catch Siding

Railways Signalling Slip Siding & Catch Siding On Indian Railways for all gauges the maximum gradient permitted is 1:400, where as1:1200 is usually allowed within the station yard. No station yard should be steeper than 1:260, except due to geographic conditions. Where such gradient cannot be avoided with in the station yard, condo nation of […]

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Railway Isolation - Rules regarding isolation - Methods of Isolation

Railway Isolation I Rules regarding isolation | Methods of Isolation

Isolation The term isolation denotes the condition in which line for a particular movement of a train is separated from all adjoining lines connected to it in such a manner that it cannot be fouled or interfered with by any movement taking place on the adjoining lines . Rules regarding isolation: * A line, on […]

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Railway Signalling Concept of Overlap and Isolation | Overlaps | Block Over Lap (BOL) | Signal Over Lap (SOL)

Concept of Overlap and Isolation :- Every stop signal by its indication to the driver controls the movement of train upto the next stop signal as the next stop signal will control the movement beyond it. Hence the track between the stop signal and the next has to be clear and the points have to […]

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Markers & boards  Shunting Limit Board   Block Section Limit Board  Outlying Siding

Railway Markers & boards | Shunting Limit Board | Block Section Limit Board | Outlying Siding

Markers & boards Warning Board: Provided to warn the driver that he is approaching a stop signal. To draw attention of the driver in the night, self-reflecting sheets are fixed. It is located not less than 1.5 Kms. in rear of FSS. Where double distant is provided, warning board is dispensed with. Shunting Limit Board […]

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