Railways Subsidiary Signals | Shunt signal | Calling-on signal

Subsidiary Signals Signals are used for reception of trains in to a station and despatch of trains out of station. Signals used for movement of trains with in the station section at restricted speed and for special purpose are called Subsidiary signals. In MACL signalling Shunt signals and Calling–on signals come under subsidiary signals Shunt […]

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Railways Gate Signal | Routing Indicator | Junction type route indicator | Multi lamp route indicator

Gate Signal :-  The Gate stop signal shall be provided with „G‟ marker. Letter „G‟ in black on a yellow circular disc. A semi-automatic stop signal interlocked with a level-crossing gate shall be provided with „G‟ marker disc and an illuminated „A‟ marker. The „A‟ marker shall be lit only when the gates are closed […]

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Principles of Train working

Principles of Train working and need for signalling

All over the world Railway transportation is increasingly used, as this mode of transport is more energy efficient and environmentally friendly than road transportation. Trains move on steel rail tracks and wheels of the railway vehicle are also flanged Steel wheels. Hence least friction occurs at the point of contact between the track & wheels. […]

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